Friday, September 10, 2010


My being a Libra and all
I have to find balance in my world.
I have to counter the hatred I perceived yesterday
with love of the purest kind.
After yesterday mornings post
today I  found
the perfect balance to that.

So, let me tell you about
this lady in  England.
She goes by the name of
"Mrs. Twins".
We know her as Sue.
The lady with a big heart.
I found her among the group of "friends"
I have on Flickr.
She spends a lot of her time
crocheting blocks together
to make blankets for the elderly in Nursing Homes.
Crocheters from around the world
send her blocks that they have made
and she puts them together to make the blankets.
She has a name for her work
 it's called
Sunshine International Blankets of Love.

Sue, lovingly and very proudly
displays the blocks
when she receives them
taking them out into her garden
when the weather allows!!!
and puts them on her table with her
pretty flowers
or on the lawn
with all the little daisies
that grow there
she photographs each one
and says who sent them
and then she goes about putting them toghether
takes photos of the blankets
It's a lot of work
and she does it happily

Today I read on the blog
that she and her husband went to a Nursing Home yesterday
gave the first of the blankets away.
It was hard for her to do,
she has spent so much time with each one
and spent so much time deciding who will go next to who
and it was almost sad to read what she wrote.
this is the purpose of the blankets
to give warmth and comfort to those who need it
and she did it,
and we all cried with her!!!!

You can cry tears of happiness too,
as you know
and the simple act of giving
can bring the biggest sloppiest tears to your eyes
an act of  love and kindness
and caring about others
can make the world a good place

Sue has crocheted
blocks together over the year
you can see her

sitting waiting to leave
on her journey to give
the blankets away to those who need them.
you can read the story for yourselves.

The ladies who have made the blocks
can take pride in what they have done too.
It doesn't take long to make up a
6" square with yarn.
But the act of making and giving
makes it
It's practice for those looking for something new to do
or make a favourite over and over again!!!

 I did,
and sent them off a few days ago.
I am a late comer to this little venture
and I hold those ahead of me
in great esteem
for having made and sent
so many already.

So, dear readers.....
not one photo today
not of flowers or mushrooms
or soup or muffins

you'll be happy to hear
not a stitch of crochet.....

go over to Flickr
if you can

and see for yourself
how the world can be made
loving and kind

one block at a time
one great big heart
at a time.

And to Sue,
and all the rest of you
thank you for helping me find



The Garden Bell said...

Amen... I cried all last night after reading her posting about the blankets leaving the nest. I still have goosebumps this morning. Your kind words are a perfect tribute to Susie.... Great job.

Svana ValerĂ­a said...

Goosebumps for sure and big once to ,what a wondeful lady she is Sue you truly have a big heart ,wonderful post Marilyn brought tears to my eyes couse everyone should find there balance

Mrs Twins said...

OOH Marilyn,
I've just popped over to thank you for your very kind comments and I find this awesome post.
I'm going to Flickr mail you,
thank you so much for this wonderful, wonderful write up.
Hugs to you and many thanks Suex,
OOh gosh you have made my day!
Love Suex