Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday finds.....

Today I am going to show you some really
"neat" things from other peoples sites.
I roam the Net
hither and yon
and see so many wonderful things
yes from crochet
to paper
to imaginations
gone wild....
to simple stunning sumptuousness's
so I thought I would gather a few together and show you what I see
(I say that because if you look under my header photo, at the moment,
you will see how the quote has  ended up)

this is stunning
paper carving.....
go and see!!

I found this link on
the quilling page I visit
"all things paper"..
it's where I get my paper fix!!!
Ann finds and shows us
 all things paper
as her title suggests!!!

Lisa, who lives in the
Woods up North
and blows me away with her
felt work
knowledge about all things woodsy
this is hand made
out of re purposed wool items
she made this!!!!!
As I told her the other day
she is giving
Mother Nature a run for her money
love it
want one, want to know how to make one!!!!

this is the work of Ingrid
who recently became a follower
this is the first vignette I saw of hers
blue and white
my favorite!!!
her site is called
I adore her compositions
and strive to do what she does
with her things around the house!!
i have a looooong way to go!!!!

this wonderful little morsel of stitchery
gone organic
is from
her patience and talent
is incredible to me
something else I want
have tried
but failed
sometimes things just "belong" to others
and you must acknowledge that!!!!
and be satisfied.
I am!!!

she works with white clay and uses things around her
to do things like this
simple serene
have one of my own
that I made a long time ago
and when I saw these
So one more....

(and I'll save the rest of the treasures for another time)

from Jo
who has a muse called
Mo is a little so and so
go and see
so you will know

Until the next time
have a wonderfilled
treasure of a day
sit in a favourite chair
with your muse
enjoy what you enjoy!!!!



T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Marilyn,

I'm really finding it hard to do fun stuff these days with full time work now and keeping up with the house and kids. Ugh!

Congrats on receiving such a lovely package from down south. So many lovely crocheted pieces in the most gorgeous colors.

And that blue vignette in the above post is so very beautiful!

My dining table is a mess a the moment and it's not because I am crafting. It just seems to be a collection point for stuff. Another ugh!

Tomorrow I clean! Have a great weekend. ;) Tammy

sophie... said...

I say..Henry...!
too funny!
Tks for dropping by and I hope Zorro didn't scare you too much. Yes, Great Danes are huge and goofy...just can't imagine having one in my house...let alone snotty slobbers on my window!