Tuesday, September 28, 2010

waffle weave stitch tutorial

Waffle weave

this makes a really nice wash cloth
(too bumpy for a doily)
two would make a good hot pad


make a chain as long as you want
make a dc in the 3rd chain from the hook
and dc across the chain

ch3 and turn the work
2dc in first 2 stitches
1 fpdc in next dc

(a fpdc is made by
put the hook into and behind the dc below
yo and finish the dc )

2 dc in next 2 dc

ch 3 turn
2 fpdc in first 2 dc
1 plain dc in next stitch
you are doing the opposite of the row below
2 fpdc
1 dc

all the way across

the back looks like this

you'll see the squares of the waffle begin on the front

keep doing this until your work is as big as you want it

and soon you will have a
but no syrup on this one
unless you've spilled it!!!

I want to make a pillow with this stitch
but I'm afraid if I fall asleep on it
Waffle Cheeks
no one needs
Waffle Cheeks!!!


elaine said...

Lovely tutorial - thank you Marilyn! I love learning new stitches and allowing myself time to play;))

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this great tutorial! I'm new to crochet and learning new stitches is always fun. Every time I see a pattern with FPDC I tell myself there's no way I'm going to be able to do this... Boy was I wrong, a little practice and I'm on a roll. Just one question is BPDC worked the same but going in behind the post?
Shellie :)

Marilyn said...

thank you shellie!..yes BPDC is done that way. nothing is as hard as it first looks...I have learnt that this past two years and now even tho' it sometimes takes quite a few tries and do-overs...it's all beginning to make sense!! knitting is my favourite at the moment, but the hook is never very far...is there a way we can see what you are up to?? Blog...flickr...ravelry...esty...pinterest????

Petunia Pill said...

Hi...my first time here...I was led to you by Teresa (Tarekices). May I ask you to link back to my blog and have a look at the photo I posted today? I'm trying to figure out a stitch and Teresa seems to think you might just be able to help! I'd be ever so grateful for your time! It's ate in my time zone and I'm heading toward bed, but I'll be back to have a look around your blog tomorrow. I see all sorts of fun things! BTW...LOVE the waffle weave! I did a blanket out of it...it turned out beautifully. Annette

Anonymous said...

I wonder why there are people who are afraid to frog. I find frogging a great teacher, second only to the person showing me 'how'!

Thank you for showing me how.

Marny (not Anonymous)