Monday, September 27, 2010


My brain works.....

blogger isn't working
all sorts of glitches and hiccups and burps
can't find what the problem is
but that isn't unusual
hope they fix it soon
'coz it's
so it took nearly all day to do
I have a
page at the top
with a few
now there will be no crochet on the home page
some of my readers
aren't crocheters
and have no interest what so ever

so I strive to please

when I have a tut
there will be mention of it
maybe a photo or six
the pattern will be posted in the tut page
tut tut tut
love it!!!
off to work on my waves...

tut to follow soon!!!

toot toot



Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

Your brain works? Lucky! I gave up on mine ages ago.

pertinitac@ said...

I don't think your brain has ever stopped working! that's a brilliant idea having all the tutorials in one place, how did you do that?