Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It's beginning to look

a lot Autumnal...

everywhere I look

the light is changing

things are getting "shone" on

and shadows are in the making

the pumpkins have been found

and the "linens" have been changed!!!

this is what brought me back to life
a big pot of lentil soup
made my way.
One bowl for lunch each day
I'm good!!!

acorns still in view
showing up on the dishes

summer is still around with its colours

and new things are still here
the violet has bloomed again
and it's in its new
bought on the cheap the other day!!!

funny how all it takes is
the "strongest storm ever to threaten the East Coast"
to turn things around.

Now if we could just have a few drops of rain
to quench the parched ground
all would be well.
Hope you are all well



allertadele said...

Hi Marilyn
Glad you're feeling better. Love the look of your soup, might have to grab that recipe :) and that crochet stitch too.

Pammy Sue said...

We're getting your rain here today in Texas. Now, listen. You can't show those yummy-looking muffins and soup without giving up the recipe! You wouldn't do that, would you? ;)

MDScaper said...

Yum, those muffins do look good. I recall the only thing you made for us was PB&J sandwiches!!! LOL.

Angie said...

Lovely, soothing post. Your soup looks scrumptious! Blessings to you!

Svana ValerĂ­a said...

so glad to sese you up and about again :) was starting to miss ya
you just made me really hungry with allt that jummy food ,that soup looks lovely ,great pic´s as always take good care of ya

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

When I reached the photo of the soup I took a deep breath, as if I could smell it through the screen. Beautiful captures, and I'm coveting that acorn dish.

Now be a dear and pass me some soup, wouldya? :D OK, I'll go make my own...

andi said...

What a wonderfully comfy and homey post. I love it. That soup sounds devine. What a wonderful home you make!