Friday, September 17, 2010

change of view

I moved to the desert!!

I may as well have!!!
it's still kinda hot
 and I"m sick of it
buy the appropriate plants
and make yourself a little
desert scape.
Pick all the pretty rocks,
that you've collected over the years,
up from the ground where
the live-in buttinsky
threw them!!!
and add them.
Wait  for the clouds
that suddenly
the very second you stepped outside
to move out of the way of the sun
take a shot or twelve!!!

there is a lady (!) on Flickr
called Sonja
who lives way down in Argentina
and she has a collection of plants that take my breath away.
She must have hundreds of them
in her house
and in her greenhouse
all kinds of cacti and succulents
in perfect condition
beautiful colours

thick and edged in frills and lines
she has collected them since she was a girl
and I think they are taking over now!!!
but they are worth it
and they are worth a quick look

made me want them again
so I bought three yesterday
and Ihope I can keep them alive during the
(shh....don't say that too loud, yet)

After these have bloomed  ^
Stone Crop
that's it for outside plants.
It's over
au revoir
hasta la vista
nothing but brown and dry

so lets enjoy while we have them.

even the rocks are looking prettier!!!


1 comment:

Sonia said...

Thank you Marilyn for your nice words!
Your Sedum shouldn´t die ... it should have new babies near the roots, for the next summer!
I would love to share some of my plants with you, but I think we are too far away, I don´t know if they would arrive well ...