Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday 'phone talks...

aren't they the best?!
You call a friend
or she calls you
and the question
are you busy
is asked
and the answer is always
(not for you)
and you start the catch-up phase of the talk
who did what
when and to who(m)!!
the little things in a day or a week
cup cakes that were to "die for"!!
and then the real stuff begins
the stuff that sits on your brain
and drives you nuts
and you need to hear it from another point of view
from someone who knows you... knows how you work
you tell each other the truth
the way old friends can and do and should
you listen, you close your eyes and try to "see" what they are telling you
you try to see them as the story unfolds
she listens and says the thing you needed to hear
the thing that makes perfect sense
and you wonder why you didn't see it
and she says
that's why I'm here.....
you laugh you cry
you guffaw like two high school girls and you even get silly
that's what old friends are for
for being
are just enough for
you don't have to impress
or stun her with who you are
you can just
" be"
no pretense
no secrets
just a voice on the other end of the phone
who says things that make you
make you
you have
moments together
that bring you closer
and solve the problems of the ages
and you wonder why you both don't go to a cabin
in the woods and solve all the problems
because let's face it
you are both brilliant.....
should write a book
one day
one year

you listen, you tell, to how hard things are
how the family drives you nuts
sometimes literally
to the brink
and you have to fight and fuss
and they don't see what you are trying to do
because they don't get it
and you do
and until they do
you're screwed

you share the past
a past that spans the life times of your children
you  remember things about them that you had forgotten
her "girls"
my "boys"
the day my first went to her house and ate black eyed peas
once and never again
the giant cookie she made one day
the size of a pizza pan
and we let them eat it!!!
the way her girls would eat anything
if she told them I had made it
her first gave me the title of
"the best cooker in the world"
which I should get out and dust off one of these days!!!!
the kids....... all "old people" now!!
what does that make us
it makes us
two friends who have shared a life together
some of it close
most of it far
and when the distance gets too much
you pick up the phone
and bring her close
but it is there
and will be forever
the stories will continue
and the laughter
like the trip she and her husband took
across the width of South Dakota
in two days
straight across
there and back
they got to see
" nothing "
and all they were left with was
 the question
why did god create
(if any of you reading this live there
it's just one woman's opinion!!!)
time well spent
friendship shared
long distance
but she is there
at the end of the phone
never too busy
not for you....

You know who you are
and those balloons you let go of
I'll watch out for them
and if I look real hard
I'll see them
I think I already did!!
you keep the ticket in a safe place
and one day the owner will come claim it
I just know it
I just

If you have a friend you haven't spoken to in a while
give them a call
they could use a break
 a good cry
or better yet
a girlish guffaw....or two!!!

:} :} :}

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Svana Valería said...

i have a friend like that back home ,and we talk all the time ,its the best thing ever we can talk about everything and be big time guffballs :9