Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cleaning the desk off.....


How many times does one clean the desk off?
In this room
at least twice a week
not often enough!!!
Having a tiny house tends to make it very easy to
junk spaces up
very quickly
tidy to

I try to keep the chaos down to a small roar
but sometimes you just have to
clear the decks and go at it.
Being one
who tends towards
short attention span
I do
tend to mess the place up rather quickly.

The man in the
has been sorting his mess out this week
he is a keeper of boxes
any shape
up against his wall
 says he may need them
if the contents need to be returned
I can't tell you how many he
folded stapled and mutilated
and then finally
got rid of!!!
then the cupboard needed
he is tidy,
but limited space makes it difficult to keep things
 from teetering on the edges of the shelves

his book case is bowing in the middle
like big smiley lips
heavy with tomes of all knowing!!
(he reads alot)

I have books
but they don't weigh the shelves down
I prefer lighter reading

in the course of his sorting
things found their way into
so now I can keep  books tidily in a holder

the little turbaned guys have a box to live in

see how happy they look!!!!

the pens and pencils and tweezers and awls and pointy things that hurt
are now all back in their place

those gawd awful earrings I made months ago
are on Mr m&m....
he looks happy too!!!
and his tummy is full again

the lazy-susan is cleared and  rotates again!!

I found this sparkly little number
lost and forgotten
but found and remembered

so was the pen I just had to have....
didn't realise he matches the scissors
always an important thing to remember!!!

now when I need some sort of glue
it's in here....
when the man says
do you have glue
any kind of glue
and you show him the box
but he says
no not that kind....
remember that!!

and I found my birds
and put them up with the teeny tiny little pegs I had to have too
used some glue dots,
 you know from the box....I just showed you
to stick them on the wall.

and finally
( I can hear you cheering!!!!!)
this is how my room would look
if I had a room like this
see that clever storage unit under the bed?
Maybe I can convince the man in the
to build me one and then I could make
 that gorgeeeeeous blanket on the bed???

we come from
Wild Olive
free download

Life can always use a little
thread bobbin
can't it???


Hooked On Yarn said...

The turbaned ones are way too cute!

Organisation is SO hard when you're creative isn't it? I have creative mess spilling over everywhere, and I don't even have places to put the normal stuff!

Andi said...

Ah M- you are making me feel guilty about my mess in the corner of the room. A big bakset with projects and yarns hanging out of it, trying to escape. BTW I love your turbin bobbins. Have a great week! XO
P.S. Those earrings are far from ugly.

Nilla said...

Hello! This is my first time here, and I really like your blog. It makes me feel real good inside, somehow. And who does not have a mess in the creative space? Was thinking about using my sewing machine, but would then have to tidy up my table... But you make sorting look like fun!

pertinitac@ said...

:) :p ;) Those bobbins are just too cute!

elaine said...

thank you for the link - I see turbaned thread bobbins in my future:)

Oh yes, the knitted bed throw is gorgeous!! Mmmmmm :)