Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday frivolity

It's Friday again....

Hope you find time to have some fun!!!!!
Now I'm gonna make like a tree

:}  :{


Content in a Cottage said...

Very cute, Marilyn. I love your big acorns. They are one of my favorite things about fall. Have a great weekend ~ Rosemary.

Svana Valería said...

you are to funny ,ive never seen an acorn ;/ we only have könglar in Iceland (not sure what you call them )love all you beutifuls pic´s in the other posts

Inga Helene said...

Hihi! Funny girl :o)

You asked how I played the tree frog. It's a percussion instrument and you use a stick to hit it with. If you drag the stick against the frog's back, it produces a rattle kind of sound.

And if you would like to hear me play, here is somehing I did some years ago

Have a nice day! :o)