Tuesday, September 28, 2010

speaking and writing...

 is one of my pet peeves
meaning I don't like it when it isn't  done correctly.
I am not the world's most articulate person
but I damn well try my best
especially when writing
Ms Emma Thompson thinks so too
that people should speak properly
not that
here let me let her tell you!!!!

She said: "We have to reinvest, I think, in the idea of articulacy as a form of personal human freedom and power."
Ms Thompson added that on a visit to her old school she told pupils not to use slang words such as "likes" and "innit".
"I told them, 'Just don't do it. Because it makes you sound stupid and you're not stupid."

If you want to read the rest it is

 My biggest peeve is people who don't read what they just wrote
 and don't correct the mistakes.
A whole blog post

filled with mistypes
or words that make no sense
obvious spelling mistakes
just make me cringe and my teeth hurt.
I am not talking about those whose language isn't English
I mean English/American/Australian
It really detracts from what they are saying
when you sit there and all you see are the mistakes
but it's true
there are spell checkers
 just reading over what they wrote might help too.

The excuse usually given is
I type too fast....
or my brain is ahead of my fingers.
so, slow down
it isn't a race to the end
and you don't win if what you took so long to write is a mess!!

(We aren't talking about MY bad habit of not using proper punctuation here on the blog. 
I am fully aware of it and I do it anyway
that's how this blog rolls.)

On a brighter note
(edited......the note is not bright at all.............nothing is working properly and I don't know why so
I have to try again to get the new pages to work so let's just pretend this was never ever mentioned
OK?    OK!!))))))
the page is hopefully working now
for the tuts
I got an email from across the pond saying they weren't working
so I went back and fixed the problem
there are still hiccups and glitches and burps with


is overloaded
it keeps kicking people off
the comments don't work all the time
and lots of other
boring, annoying
computer things
that just drive me crazeeeeeeeeee
so hopefully it will all be fixed soon and I won't have to mention it again!!!

OH and remember........


( If all these graphics gave you a big headache.... I apologise
you're not the only one!!!) 


Debi Y. said...

I totally agree. There are a few blogs that I like to visit to see their crochet projects but when I'm reading their posts I'm thinking "what?" or "that doesn't make any sense". Most times I just skip the reading.

elaine said...

Ah its so hard to read sometimes when there is odd spelling or no puntuation at all and you begin to wonder where the end of each sentence is :) I was tempted to write an example but I couldn't make myself do it!!

Ah blogger has been playing up here across the pond today too. I keep having to sign in every time so I didn't even attempt to blog just in case it increased my frustration levels! Hope it resolves itself soon so we can view your lovely tutorials at last:) elaine xx