Wednesday, September 8, 2010


You want the recipes for
muffins and soup

and someone
(we won't say who)
who lives in the North Woods
up there somewhere
covets my plate!!!
I got two of them in "Home Goods" a couple three years ago....

I put this soup together myself
I put what I like in it and that's about it
the hubs won't touch it with a ten foot barge pole so I get to do as I want!!!
(the best kind of cooking!!!)

the soup I call
(in my head)
my "UH" soup!!
because it takes

uh onion (! :) )
uh carrot
uh stalk of celery
uh potato
uh can of organic lentils
(that I found in the food store
but you can use the dried ones if you want)
uh container of beef broth
the low salt kind
uh small piece of red pepper
(because I don't actually eat it but I like the flavour!!!)
I also chopped a couple of smallish tomatoes that were hanging around on the counter
salt and pepper to your taste

prepare the vegs
saute the onion carrot celery  potato and red pepper until soft
throw in the tomatoes
add the lentils
stir around
add the broth
(I also added green beans to this pot
they are my favourite)
and cook as long as you want...
I like the lentils to fall apart and thicken the broth a little
so I cook for a while.
That's it folks.....
next time around I may add some kidney beans
(I'm looking for iron, remember!!)
I have eaten it everyday for lunch
and dinner yesterday
coz we couldn't decide what to eat
so it was
a free for all night as the hubs calls it
I am very pleased with it.
One bowl and a piece of fresh bread
or not
and I'm good

the muffins
are banana muffins
I use the Joy Of Baking Recipe

and add extras du jour!!
I add a bit of wheat germ
I throw in golden raisins
if it gets too thick
I add yogurt
I don't make them as big
and I freeze a few for later!!!!
The J O B recipe is for banana bread but they have
it  as muffins too!!!

So, go forth and make a bubbling pot o'soup
and bake a few muffins for yourself
as the air cools in the evening now
a tiny bit anyway
you'll have yourself a good little meal
that takes no time at all.
bon appetite
Oh and thanks for the comments.....
nice to see you all


(ps.... this soup lasts me  a good 3-4 days....
I don't eat the whole pot in one sitting!!!
that would be
iron to the MAX!!!)


Pammy Sue said...

Yea! Thanks for sharing!

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...


nom nom nom. Home Goods huh...