Monday, September 27, 2010

la langue des oiseaux.....

the language of the birds.....
In Norse mythology, the power to understand the language of the birds was a sign of great wisdom.

The concept is also known from many folk tales (including Welsh, Russian, German, Estonian, Greek, Romany), where usually the protagonist is granted the gift of understanding the language of the birds either by some magical transformation, or as a boon by the king of birds. The birds then inform or warn the hero about some danger or hidden treasure.
(from Wikipedia)

For the past few weeks I have noticed the lack of birds and their calls.
Our garden has been devoid of my little creatures
from whom I get so much pleasure.
the robins, the cardinals, the blue jays

the cat bird that sits on the plant holder
or lamp post
and just stares at me
I mentioned it to the man and he said he had noticed their absense too.
We have had not one visit from the ducks this year.
There is a flock of ducks who live here all the time

and they come up into the yard and walk around like they own the place
leaving signs on the patio that they have been!!!
But not this year.
this is from last Spring  2009
The doves that made their nests in the bushes right outside the house
haven't been around for months.
It has been sad not to have them singing and flying around
and it took weeks of their absense for me to notice.

The bird bath has been kept full
I don't put seed out in the Summer
the Squirrels eat it all and if it gets wet it molds
but they always seem to find something to munch on or worms to pull up out of the ground
but not this year.

But this story has a happy ending
no pictures
because they move too fast
but when I went out a little while ago
they were there
flying around the trees
eating the berries on the Dogwood
sitting in the Blue Spruce
picking at whatever
hearts out

You know why?
You don't have to have the magic
or the power
or be a king
or wizard

the answer is
it's raining!!!!

When I next go to the store
I will bring back a big bag of seed
I will fill the feeders
and put fresh water in the bowls
to let them know they were missed
and I'm happy they are back
where they belong!!!!

tweet ---tweet



Debi Y. said...

I like to feed the birds too - and of course, the squirrels. :)

amunaor said...

Prima materia into Materia prima is a constant process of nature, it is mindless, and therefore beyond the cerebral cortex. That is really the only difficulty. There is no use addressing the analytic mind with Hermetic language; it can do very little with it. Therefore the language of the birds, not spoken, only heard”

Quote Link:

MDScaper said...

M, we have several fountains around the garden which the birds enjoy. There's one fountain in particular, which we can see from the dining room table, that seems to be the centre of bird activity. We get robins, cardinals, sparrows, etc. And the chickadees are back after a long absence. Ooops, hmmm, maybe your birds were over here?