Wednesday, September 22, 2010


As the sun comes up on the last few hours of Summer
we gather the leaves

of the coming season

the bee takes the last sip of the waning nectar

 although the frost has yet to nip the pumpkin

the last of the summer fruit waits to be enjoyed

and the sweet things disappear
into memory

we bid
Adieu to Summer
and let the
come with her many colours



Mrs Twins said...

I like Autumn Marilyn. Not a summer person at all. Dont like the winter much though. One thing I will miss is getting outside taking photos of our blankets with my flowers on the patio. This is a lovely post,
hugs Suex

manda's challenges :) said...

What a fabulous post doesn't seem 5 mins since the welcoming of summer one. Oh my doesn't time fly...... Can't wait to see the scattering of gold and rust coloured leaves everywhere .....