Monday, November 29, 2010

Hello there...again

Where is the time going?

I made a Dorset button for the white Divine hat
I couldn't help myself and I thought
why not?

I finished the blue one and this morning decided to make a rose for it
"MY" rose
the one in the tut at the top of the page!!!
and I didn't have to use the tut!!!
just made it smaller

I have no idea if this will be worn
but I made it pretty anyway!!

the light today is rubbish
abut it's all I've got!

and then
and then
I made another button
this one with french knots

the scarf has eaten up all the yarn and I will have to go and get another skein
 bah humbug!!

I am still going on the shawl I started and it's getting longer
with the cold mornings we are having it will be nice to wear when I sit in this very chilly room

and you would think that after two hats
I would be able to just go full speed ahead on the third
an hour's worth of hooking
watching Miss Oprah drool all over her guest today
Keith Urban
and I had to rip it all out because I can't count to 15
so I thought I would take a break 
come and say
to you all
and hope you're projects are working out better.

I have been reading all about the snow over there on the other side of the Big Water
hope you are all safe and warm and cosy
I guess it's your turn this year
but it's still early and who knows what Winter will do to us this year.
How is it in the Southern Hemisphere
do I have anyone down there who visits?
Well off to cook dinner
no more turkey
so have to start from scratch
 see you tomorrow
stay warm



"Never Knew" said...

Love your divine hats, your scarf, and your clever buttons. I have tried that divine hat pattern, too - it's great, isn't it?

I'm in North Queensland, Australia, and we are in a tropical (summer) wet season... humidity and rain every day! I love reading about the changing seasons in the northern half of the world... wouldn't mind a bit of cold and snow right now!

Caz :)

Hooked On Yarn said...

I'm loving your cream scarf!
I'm in Victoria, Australia and we've just finished the wettest spring for 20 years. I'm dreading the hot season. Still haven't gotten over 47 degrees a couple of years back! Thankfully that's not normal...

Nilla said...

Had to rip something up (though not all of it) the other day. Hate when that happens! Well, over here in Sweden it's rather caotic. It's snowing more than usual, especially this early in the winter. My brother in law lost control over his car the other day and crashed into another car, but he's alright. He was lucky. Lot's of car accidents now... Last winter was unusually snowy, and it looks like we're having no less this winter... But I like it! :)

T's Daily Treasures said...

Hey Marilyn! You are a busy hooker, and I mean that in a very nice way. Ha! I haven't done anything in a while. but tomorrow is another Yarn & Fiber Group meeting and crochet is the next medium so that is right up my alley. I need to gather some things together to take with me. I will be a helper since I am about the only one who really knows how to crochet. They did knitting last time but I missed it because I had to work. I thought I would take little crocheted gifts for everyone but I thought the meeting was next Wednesday. I cannot believe December is already here. Yikes! Days are flying! Love the shawl you are making. I have got to get to work on Christmas gifts. Best wishes, Tammy