Tuesday, November 9, 2010

hee hee!!!

So I presume by looking at yesterday's post

you figured out that the yarn ball winder arrived!!
I was expecting it to come via UPS
so when the hubs got the mail
from the mail box
I didn't expect him to come in with a grin on his face
and hand me a box....
he got a box too!!
I had that puppy together in record time
and grabbed the first ball that wasn't attached to something
off I went...


I put the yarn I was winding into a drawer
to add a tiny bit of tension and to stop it from whizzing around on the floor
which it did before I thought about the drawer!!!
After four loads of laundry
vaccuuming the whole house
helping a little outside with the leaves
that just keep on falling
and whatever the hell else I did
I sat
for way too long and ended up with a screaming back ache...
silly me..
will take it easy today
it is nice to get all the bits and bobs sorted
and the shape of them fit into the drawers nicely
that's it for the winding
no more gushing
about it
but you really should get one!!!!
($19.95 +)

just look at that beauty!!!!!!!

hubs has some strange idea to get some dowels and put all the balls on them

rather like one of those toilet paper holders
don't think so!!!!



Nilla said...

It's easy to get carried away when you get a new toy. :)

manda's challenges :) said...

hehe looks like you're having loads of fun and don't they look neat xxx