Monday, November 15, 2010

moody monday...

It was very foggy this morning

this is all the sun could do to show itself

My sister called with bad news
that just added to the
gloom and miserable
her husband and her son
lost their jobs today.
It sucks!
Won't get loud and mouthy here
about politics and the state of this world
will keep my fingers crossed
and hope
they don't stay without a job for too long

So after a quick trip to the grocery store for essentials
we came back because the husband has plans
the yard is covered in leaves again
it's supposed to rain later today and tomorrow
the resident keeper of all things
got to work
blowing them around and
grinding them to a pulp

Nothing to help him with so I stayed inside and did what I do

and then I saw my gentle giant of a tree
through the kitchen window
and it made me smile
because there is beauty
to see and notice
just a little thing
but a smile is better than a tear

and with Thanksgiving just over a week away
we have to find the light
we have to find the things that make us
even for a minute

even for
a while.

( the candle holder is surrounded by a little "vine"
that has "berries" and "leaves" on it!
as you can
:) ;}


elaine said...

Beautiful pictures as always, even on a gloomy day. Fingers crossed for your family xx

allertadele said...

They are lovely pictures, I especially like the second one. By the way, what are those around the candles?

Handmade in Gibraltar said...

Sorry to hear about the job losses, I hope they find even better ones soon.
I love the autumn tree pictures, we don't have much autumn colour here and I miss it !
Louise x