Saturday, November 6, 2010

the other project!!!

While the hurricane wasn't gentle
things aren't as bad as they could have been in
hope this time the response is of some use to those battered and bruised
people. I saw a few reports from there and the frustration and anger is
heart breaking. Why do they have to live like that? and how can we let them?
OK, that's enough or I'll go off

I told you yesterday that
the resident man
was working on a project
I took photos of what is in his room
there are more pictures
but I won't bore you with all of them
there isn't enough space here anyway!!!

here we have a box
that a friend gave me a long time ago
it's one of those puzzle boxes
that you have to figure out how to open
it has been
sanded and prepared to be transformed

it will be
something else in its new form

these are the tools and
bits and bobs
that will
transform it



the UPS man and the mail carrier and FED EX
keep coming by and dropping off boxes
big boxes with little itty bitty things inside them
the cat is in seventh heaven
trying all the boxes on for size
for beds you know
cats are like that
the more places to sleep in the better
she chose the biggest box!!!!
she won't let me take a picture...
but I will
I will!!!!

this is me...... 
doing what I do
the pine cones exist because I got a request
from Svana in Norway
asking me if I could help her find a pattern for a
I asked her if she meant a
pine cone or
an ice cream cone
or a
traffic cone!!!!
(not really)
while I waited for her to answer
I found a pattern for a pine cone.
The reason I thought it might be a pine cone, was because she had posted a photo,
on Flickr, of three little owl ornaments she had recently acquired
me being me
said how sweet they would look on a pine branch
on her mantle
so of course
I made one to show her what it would look like
the lighter one above
she wanted an ice cream cone
OF COURSE  she did!!!
so now I have pine cones for
Then I just had to play with the pattern and add my most favourite
bobbles on the ends of the darker one
if you want to make a cone
of any kind
just write cone in your search box and you will be met by many a pattern
I think I used the one from
Planet M
or something like that
it takes five minutes to make one
didn't make an ice cream cone
I don't like ice cream!!!!

This is the new scarf on the needles
much prettier
much easier to see the pattern
no excuse to mess it up
no it isn't for the man
a trip to the store is still on the books
he owes me an apology
for the
beige comment
so I'll take a trip to the store

this is the other one

I forgot to tell you
I am getting a
yarn ball

from Knitpicks
it might be here...
I dreamt of winding the other night
all night long
I was exhausted the next morning!!!
It was the cheapest price for one of these

If the winder comes
don't expect to hear from me
 until the very last
little bit
of yarn



Content in a Cottage said...

That yarn ball winder looks pretty amazing. I love the multicolored yarn ball in the photo. Keep working...and enjoy the weekend. xo, Rosemary

Nilla said...

My cat would have chosen the smallest box. When she was very little she sometimes slept in my daughters potty... Which wasn't in use yet, I might add. :)

elaine said...

I wonder whats being made with your box? My cat has a field day with boxes too:)I think she likes scratching them up more than sleeping in them though! Oh, I get those kind of dreams too, but be prepared! - ball winders are soooo addictive:))But the yarn will look so pretty all wound up! xx