Thursday, March 24, 2011

what happened to Spring?


after 75 F the other day
we are plummeting to the low 40's
a huge rain storm came through last night and
brought the cold back
I went out to see what I could snap
and suddenly realised how cold I was

I went outside to pick a posy of violets
to send to
a flickr friend commented that she wished she could pick some for her mother
so I did it
and made a little collage that she can hopefully print off and take
the next time she goes to see her Mum...

over on flickr

isn't it great that you can send a virtual posy across the globe
who needs
inter flora!!!

I tape a knitting show on PBS
(I know, like I need any more "inspiration")
and the other day found out how to do
domino knitting
knitting squares into a
after I had figured it out I made a square that I may put a back on and use it as a pot holder
to replace the
African flower one that I have used for a year now
African Flower
that takes some of us back a bit
doesn't it???

these photos are from the other day
that were still on the camera
so I thought I'd post them




nothing else to show you
the crab apple tree
a fallen branch with "patina" on it
the sedum beginning to come back
and the chives that I should use on some potatoes
maybe when the new potatoes come to the store
new potatoes and a steak
and a ton of green beans
and last but not least
Autumn Joy sedum
coming back in the pots
hope the cold weather and the
they say will come over the weekend
doesn't kill it all
and we have to start from scratch

hope the sun shines on you today
it doesn't look like it will here
it's March
the month that can't make up its
flippin'  mind

I think I'll do the tut I've been putting off
someone asked how I made the coasters
and I never answered
see ya!!!



NillaK said...

Wow, you have so much green already! I was happy just to see a new pair of snowdrops today. :) But the doves have returned after the winter, and I have heard the lark! That is spring in a tiny bird!! And I have seen how dirty my windows are in the sunlight... :S But I'll get to that in due time. As I think you are beginning to realize, I'm not much of a house keeper! Quite messy. But someone said that there can never be tidy in the house of a creative woman. So that's my excuse! :D

Valeria said...

Oh no ,its the same here ,rather cold and windy ...... im running around and looking for the spring i thought was here

i sure hope you dont get snow ,we dont need that do we

hope youre weekend will be good and sunny