Thursday, March 10, 2011

more birds than I can feed!!!

there was a flock of birds that flew in just now
hundreds of them
making such a noise it sounded like a
was landing

I immediately set the camera to
rushed outside in the rain
and completely failed to take a decent shot

I don't have a video editing thingamajig
so it is a total washout
plus the fact that it's raining
means the lens got wet and smeared any chance of
actually seeing what it was I was looking at
:) :) :)

so I'm afraid these will have to do

and you'll have to use your imagination on the noise
that hundreds of birds can make
a high trilling sound
very loud
ear splitting
and then they flew away

last one out
turn off the lights

so this is all I've been able to think about .....


allertadele said...

Wow, brilliant!

Anonymous said...

I can just imagine the noise - I get about 20 to 30 starlings in my garden at any one time and they make a horrific noise. All those little feathered friends must have been deafening! Glad to see you back on form too - I tried to comment the day after but couldn't so I am doing it now lol!!! :)

eddunsmore said...

I wonder if they were migrating since the weather has gotton warmer. Do you know what kind of birds they were? I am about over all this rain how about you?

Nilla said...

Sometimes we have great flocks of birds here too. As I think I've told you, we have thousands of geese passing by twice a year. But they usually move in smaller flocks. The other year, we had this great flock of jackdaws. Horrific sound they made! And it was almost scary when they all flew away at once, after sitting in our big oak trees for a while. All those wings flapping... But many of them were shot since they get into the barns and stalls, not healthy for the cows...

~ ♥ LISBETH ♥~ said...

Hello and thank you for leaving such a sweet comment!
Wow! Many birds and beautiful photos!
I can see that your cat looks like Penny, so cute!
Well, I really do not know whether Penny is a genuine Norwegian Forest Cat or not, I adopted her from the Animal Welfare. Penny and her 3 sisters were found in a garage down town. But she has fluffy coat, and long tufts of fur between her toes and in her ears. I am sure that way back her family belonged to the breed:)
All the best,