Friday, March 4, 2011

first friday in march

It was one of those March days

when the sun shines hot

  and the wind blows cold

 when it is summer in the light,

and winter in the shade.

— Charles Dickens


Anonymous said...

It's feeling like Winter all over here - a cold wind is blowing the bejabbers out of me!!!! :) Might try your table idea - it's too warped to use as a table for eating outdoors but a decorated potting table sounds lovely!! I'll see what paint I have left over (but I could always get another tin if needed).

Nilla said...

No summery feeling here. :) Windy today, and grey. But your pictures are reminding me that there WILL be spring.

Valeria said...

i got some spring feeling today walking ouside with my son ,bird singing and then i saw some easter blosoms trying to grow under the dirt and men that was a nice feeling :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely words, beautiful pictures, Great Expectations! Toodle-Pip.

allertadele said...

beautiful and lucky you with blue skies!