Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mr. Cardinal

for those of you who don't have them or have never seen them
they are the state bird of
they share the parenting
and male cardinals are very good dads
when the babies start to fly
the male stays with them and brings them to the feeders to eat
I have watched them for years and always marvel at their tenderness with their young
but as tender as they are
they can be just as fierce when threatened
by either the bluejays or the robins
many a war has gone on outside the house
when these three come together.......
these photos
bad photos
are from last year

I noticed today how very busy he seemed to be
maybe a nest has been made and he's either helping or feeding his mate
the young are quite ugly until the feathers grow in and the males get the mask
they have many calls
but my favourite is
 tom-ay-to burrito laredo


Anonymous said...

Maybe they are asking you to put a burrito or two out on the feeder?! You never know!!

Nilla said...

Beautiful bird! I'm looking forward to spring, when all the birds return from whatever warmer place they spent the winter in. We saw and heard some geese returning the other day, so they're coming! We have sooo many geese here spring and autumn, since we live rather close to a bird lake. Had I had a better camera, I might have taken their picture for you. :)

Scribe said...

Also the state bird of Indiana... and quite pretty until a blue jay comes to boss them around. Nice photos... one of my fave birds to look at. They don't like to be far from their equally as beautiful and often blending in mates...

Andi said...

LOL! Ruth is a crack up!
I have never seen a red cardinal- wonderful photo. :)

Content in a Cottage said...

They are beautiful birds and as you've pointed out before the female cardinals always have their lipstick on. Are you getting ready for the rain?

Clara said...

They really are beautiful.