Monday, March 28, 2011

dazed and confused


and completely
of how this all works
but here we are again
back on the light side of things

it did snow yesterday
but we got just a dusting
even though they say we got 2"

I have no clue as to how some of you say you saw the deleted posts
on google reader
I have no idea  how to do that
and even if it was explained to me
I wouldn't get it

but the sun came out and the day ended up being so pretty
and as you can see from the top photos
I got to play with the sun
as it has moved and is now shining through the window in the living room

this is something I found and did
and then undid
it's called the daisy stitch and I found it on You Tube
the place to find anything and everything

so I'll end here
incase it all goes pear shaped again

have to try and find  out what and how and why and where
if I don't come back
send in the dogs!!!



Valeria said...

lovely pic´s as always ,i really like the one of the trees :)
im having a blue day and i dont even know why ,hate days like that but thank god they go and i get a new and better day

NillaK said...

Haha, it's really not complicated. I read my blogs in bloglovin, which links to deleted posts but without showing them. But, when I log in on blogger, I can also see the blogs I follow and choose to read them in google reader. Even the ones you cannot longer see on the blog. It's all on the first page, don't know what they call it in English, but it says something like control panel in Swedish. That's it. I think I was curious about the car simply because you wrote you didn't want to show it! Always want what you don't get, right? :) But I must say I like your posts WITH pictures even more!

eddunsmore said...

Hi Marilyn, your blog always makes me laugh. Snow!!! Yes its been rainy and cool here, I want Spring!
Lovely photos.

Allyson said...

Love your pics and your new stitch!