Wednesday, March 23, 2011

wednesday OUCHies!!

when I went to shut the computer off the night before last
the lamp was shining on the thread I had on the desk

the room was in semi-darkness and it looked so pretty
so I took you a picture of what I saw

I had been making a "tut" for the coasters I made a few days ago...
but left the example on the desk and forgot about it
 the shine and shadows reminded me to post it
which I will do

today each and every joint I own is a little sore
leaf blowers and lawn mowers
rakes and shovels
haven't been in my repertoire of late
so those muscles are rebelling
and as it's going to rain today
I can take it easy and use the other muscles that don't hurt!!
if I can find one

LOOK at this!!!!!!!!!!

right above the front door
sat this little fellow

I went outside just to see all the work we did
and notice how much more has to be done
when I turned around
there he was
sitting on the gutter

fuzzy yes,
but you can see he is a little crooked as he takes a quick nap on the roof
he stayed there for quite a while
until a nasty noisy truck drove by

what a sweetie
he must have woken up too early
like me!!

I watched a short story this morning on NHK about the Japanese survivors
some of them are going back to where they live
and just getting on with it.
Mostly older folk who just can't understand what the delay is
and then some of the people who are in the shelters
and don't know what they're going to do
so many separated from family
 and it's so sad
 and heartwarming
to see them come together and help one another
but then again that's what we do

the young mothers so worried about the children
sharing one pastry, one bottle of water among three people
worrying that the kids aren't being nourished enough
and now the scare with the contaminated water and food

remains of a tombstone/from the guardian/gettyimages

the nuclear plant is one story
but the people is such a bigger one
the emotion is beginning to rise to the surface and it's heartbreaking
so long without so much
I was happy to see an "expert" say that the survivours need to talk about what happened to them
even if it's just amongst themselves
to sit and tell their story
but it looks like they only have time to survive
in conditions that are quickly deteriorating

they need rescuing all over again


Valeria said...

what a cute litle birdie and taking his beautynap there LOL just funny ,i woke up in the middle of the night last week and guess what woke me ? well it was this tiny litle bird and he was singing soooo loud and the nirght after that he started again but it was so pretty to listed to even if i was very tierd

i cant let my self watch these news about Japan i get depressed ,i feel sorry for the peoble and what horror it must be waking up and finding out this is no dream ,its gona take many years to get there lifes back

take care sweety

Anonymous said...

I have NEVER in my life witnessed a sleeping bird! That is a fantastic photo - he is almost statue-like! Love it!!

Andi said...

I am in love with the bird. He doesn't even look real. Beautiful capture M!
Yes love Japan does need rescuing all over again,well put my friend.