Wednesday, March 9, 2011

blogger blip

the last post has no way to comment on it
don't know why

this one does have the comments on
but now I can't load photos

they must be working on something
 because I am having trouble posting

don't all cheer at once!!
:) :) :)

see ya when they are done doing


T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Marilyn, hope you get things sorted out. I have to plant everything in pots because we don't have a yard or land. This year the winter has been so weird that most of my plants have not fared well. Such is the way it goes some times. I hope to get to the nursery soon to buy more plants so that I can see green and blooms once again ... at least for a little while. Sending hugs your way for a bright and beautiful day. Tammy :)

Nilla said...

Poor Marilyn, I wish I could lend you my cat. She's a terrific hunter! We live in "farmer land" with fields surrounding the house on every side, but she manages to keep mice and voles away from the house and the garden. :) Read somewhere about certain plants that the voles didn't like, but I guess you have tried that too... I have other problems in my garden. Weeds! They totally take over in no time, so I now grow my vegetables in wooden boxes on the ground with plastic under the soil to keep weeds out. And not any weeds, we have the kinds that make new plants from the smallest piece of root left in the soil - couchgrass, creeping bellflower, nettle... Sometimes, pots are a good thing! Hope you can get a wonderful garden! Love, Nilla