Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hello there

It's me
well that's me when I was little
which I haven't been for a while now!

I posted a couple of old pictures on Flickr the other day
and thought I would put one here
just because I can
I don't have photo shop or any other editing thingy and I don't really know how to work them
so this is fuzzy and blurry
kind of like I've been feeling lately!!
lost my mojo again
but I will try to find it and get back in the groove
as they say.

the hyacinths are growing by the minute
I swear every time I look at them they are bigger

and the cacti are doing well too
don't you love the colour of this one

I hope they survive so I can put them outside
where they belong
we've been having some rainy cloudy days
the other night we had our first
"spring" storm
complete with thunder and lightning
wind and sheets of rain
and the ever present tornado warnings
it seems we have become part of tornado alley
which is something we never were
so with the rain and mud
I thought I'd better get my boots out

aren't they sweet?
albeit a little small for my mega pods
but I love how they look

I found the chicks and bunnies too
and the eggs of course

if it's Spring

then we need all the symbols
to remind us that
this is the season of change
and renewal
 hope for the future
I hope
that we all have a future
and that we change our ways
and learn from our past mistakes
because we owe those we brought into this world
 a place of hope
and love
we have to find a better way of looking after our selves
and this place we call home
it's all we've got
and it isn't fair to ruin it any further than we already have
and we don't learn our lessons very well
hopefully the next generations will


Clara said...

Such a cutie pie! Love all of your spring references. Tornadoes...I lived in an are once where they had them and I can feel your angst. You are totally right that the earth does not belong to us!

NillaK said...

Yes, if we could only learn from others misstakes... But somehow, each generation seem to be unable to do that. For better and for worse, I guess.
Love those chubby cheeks! Such a sweetheart. :) And the boots are lovely! A good way to use the kids old boots, at least the pretty ones!
Hope your mojo returns soon. Life is like that, up and down - up and down...

eddunsmore said...

What a little doll you were, and your dress how cute? Was it homemade looks like smocking. Love you little boots. Thanks for your blog it is one of my favorites.

Anonymous said...

Ditto all of the above, and love the hyacinth and cactus too. Mia S

Allyson said...

Lovely photos as always. I want a pair of boots like that!!

Valeria said...

well said Marilyn ,we should take better care of this litle planet we have ,we dont do a good job as you say and its sad to think about because we only get this one change

have a wonderful day sweet litle girl :)