Monday, March 21, 2011

just a load of photos

maybe I should take fewer photos
and then you wouldn't have to look at so many!!
but I can't help myself
I see
I click
I load
I blog

so, this morning I have a question for you
I saw something like this
made with beads, the little tiny seed beads
saw it ages ago
and while I was fooling around seeing what napkin rings would look like
 made with the cotton du jour
I linked two together and then added a third
but before I go on
I have a question
necklace anyone?
would you wear something like this
do you know anyone who would?

here are the three made so far
blue purple and light green
shall I continue
 and make a

husband thinks it's
but what does he know!!!
so what cha think?

waiting for the kettle to boil yesterday
I noticed that the first wild violets are blooming
I swear they weren't there the day before
do you think it's called
Spring coz


up they come?

we woke up to thunder and lightning this morning
a dawn storm
as the weatherman called it
it was quite surprising
the early light
punctuated by flashes and deep rumbles

rain that is bringing everything back to life

the Pieris Japonica is just covered in little pink bells
so delicate and yet so strong, as it blooms in the winter
delicate but strong
like it's namesake

here they come
the columbines are back
the vole missed this one
and if he comes anywhere near it
I swear he isn't long for this world

I'll feed him to the dolphins
gently swaying in the breeze

and season him with chives

can you see the raindrops in the

maybe Mr Frog would like a little
vole in the hole for lunch

see his beard made with drops

and this is the lazy woman's way of making strawberry shortbread
when you are too busy making tea and gathering the first blooms
and futzing about making napkin rings
into narfs
and you remember you have
strawberries in the fridge
 tapping their feet waiting to be consumed
grab a roll of biscuits that you bought for husband to have with his favourite meal
wash them with egg and sprinkle sugar over them
bake and enjoy with
the strawberries and cream

no doubt there'll be a photo of the next one
the first one was consumed too quickly to have it's portrait taken

so here you have it
a question
a walk in the garden
a declaration of war
and a recipe

not bad for a Monday Morning
who knows what we'll do tomorrow

thank you for your patience
your encouragement to continue
and your
sweet comments

see ya!!



Clara said...

I really enjoyed all of the photos. I really love the colors you've chosen for your little projects.

NillaK said...

I love your photos, and I love what you write. So please, don't stop! :)

eddunsmore said...

Oh I just love those little pink bells, so pretty. The rings you are knitting remind me years ago I use to do Indian bead work. They remind me of the peyote stitch. Haven't done anything with me beads in years. I just love your sense of humor in your writtings, always make me smile. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

An excellent Monday morning! M.S.

mary tempesta said...

Hi Marilyn,
I think a scarflace would look beautiful!
Don't look yet but in a few mins I will be teasing you with photos of last night's meal ... do you fancy PIZZA?