Wednesday, March 2, 2011

a little retail therapy

was in store yesterday
madam woke up with a case of the grumps
and a pain in the
that felt like a pulled muscle
and made me very very .....
well, grumpy!!
the temperature had plummeted overnight
and it was cold and gloomy
but the sun eventually came out and made everything a little brighter
and I remembered that  shopping had to be done
and that there was a new shop to go and explore
right next to the
so I made things ship shape and off we went
in the bright sunny day
with a brisk breeze blowing

I don't usually need retail therapy
I don't actually like walking aimlessly through stores
looking at "stuff" I don't need or even want
but I have done it
mostly with friends who seem to need rather a lot of therapy sometimes

so I gave in to the grumps and entered the store.

First impression
what a mess
things thrown onto the shelves because that's better than leaving them in the boxes or on the floor!!
lots of stuff I won't be bringing home any time soon or ever!!
I'm sure many of you in the States know this store
and I do remember going into one a while ago, with a friend in her area
and more or less thinking the same thing in that store
messy and not much there.
the prices aren't that much less than the original either, so I don't get all the fuss
that's me.... so I'm all
whatever floats your boat
about it!!!


after wandering about for a while
picking up things and putting them back
aisle after messy aisle
I spied
 this  ^^^^^^^^ up there ^
and any blue blooded crafty type
isn't going to leave with out checking
these babies out
now is she???
so I indulged myself with these

75% wool 25% silk in this one
only one ball unfortunately
my colours too

:) :) :)

this one 100% wool
three balls of that
in soft green and a mauvey mauve!!!
that isn't showing here at allllllll
but believe me when I tell you
it's lovely....

and on the sticks already
so with my tiny bag of goodies clutched to my rather ample chest!!!
I hurried to the grocery store to find the man, before he completely filled the cart with
and home we came

another exciting installment of that which is my life
:) :) :)

well the cat was happy to see me back with supplies
after surviving another
couple hours with an empty bowl

the day had become very pretty and after all the domestic things were done
I put on my hoody sweater and went and sat in the sun
with my new therapy aid and started
clicking away
with the sun on my face
and a smile in my heart
and a few less grumps

It lasted until the breeze became too much
and the need for a cup of tea became unbearable
and the cat came and sat by the door

and did her
no body loves me routine
which even got the man up to see what was wrong with her
so in I came
and with cat fed and watered
tea in hand
I came and checked my e-mail
was the icing on the cake

the gravy on the biscuit

the bathsalts in the water

I got an e-mail from
telling me about her little adventure
while replacing the "fatballs" in her trees, for her birds
(I presumed they are  like suet balls, like I made once with the kids
but it didn't work for us, they melted and made a big yucky mess on the ground)

but Mia
made her birds
some pretty "fat balls" by crocheting colourful covers for them
and hanging them high up in the trees

the birds didn't like them
and it seems it scared them off

and all I could imagine was this!!!!!!!!!

Mia I hope you don't mind me sharing this
but it really really made the grumps go away
 thank you for being so funny and making me laugh
all the way across the big pond

oh and this was at the checkout and it was
and it reminds me of the Easters of my childhood
when we would get them filled with luscious chocolates
and keep the boxes
and it was made in Germany
so it's real!!!!

and today I don't have the grumps or a pain in the
I may still BE a pain in the.....
but I can work on that!!!

so off I go to knit knit knit
for a while
and I'll see you all later

thank you for the sweet comments you all leave
that really makes my day too

I am so lucky to have such nice visitors

 and so today I'm  going to send you
someplace nice to go

and even if you aren't into this kind of thing, I'm sure you'll just enjoy the beauty
I found it yesterday and just drooled
all over the keyboard......

reminder to self
disinfect said keyboard



Nilla said...

Marilyn, you have a way with words that I just love! You make such an adventure out of the smallest thing, and I just love reading about it! Your cat is super cute, and I just LOVE that yarn you found! Think I saw some snöstorp there, didn't I? :)Good to hear your foot is better too. Have a lovely day now!

Anonymous said...

I know that feeling too - when you need a cup of tea you NEED a cup of tea! I just love it when I sometimes manage to make that cup of tea that seems to work its' magic and makes everything better and tastes bloody fantastic - not all cups of tea are like that but every so often I manage to make one that just seems to be like this. Lovely yarny purchases too - very sea like and calming!

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

I'm feeling the need for some retail therapy myself today, and I'm not normally either. Unless you count my serious Etsy addiction. I tried food therapy but after 3 oatmeal cookies something is still missing and I'm sort of feeling like it's a new pair of shoes.

Anonymous said...

How could I mind??!! That picture is hilarious, and it is uncanny how you have drawn the fat balls exactly as they are before you even saw the photo!! I also echo Nilla. That is one cute cat... and wool silk mix, and all those lovely colours.. wow! Mia S

Clara said...

Love everything about your post today!

madhu said...

Aha! Now I get it....the "fatballs"! I do so enjoy reading your posts. Its heartwarming and really "feel" your day!