Thursday, March 31, 2011

plant ID.....

do you know
does anyone know?

A new reader, Teresa, wrote and asked me
because she thinks I am someone who would know
obviously thinks I know something about gardening
and plants and flowers
but I hate to disappoint you
I really don't
I used to
I could walk through a garden and identify practically everything that grew there
I drove my sister nuts one year
when we were in North Carolina
there is a delightful garden in Manteo
that has been there quite a while and it drips with Spanish moss
and wisteria and all sorts of southern exotica
it is built near the site where they say
came ashore
it is a lovely place to visit if you ever go there
we have never actually seen the play they put on
because the one year we were lucky to actually get tickets
it rained in buckets just as they started
and we had to leave
talk about a bunch of PO'd people

if anyone can ID those gorgeous trees
please do so we all know
I'll be back in a bit



Anonymous said...

I'll try and find out the trees for you - not making any promises though but I'll try! :)

Heather said...

It might be crapemyrtle...

Valeria said...

i can tell you one thing Marilyn i dont have a clue what this tree is called but its very pretty


Anonymous said...

I've hunted but failed. However, on Flickr there is a Portugese man called Valter Jacinto who may know - he is an excellent nature photographer and can be found at

he might just be able to help your friend!