Tuesday, March 29, 2011

hyacinths daffodils and forsythia

but not of the floral kind

the colours of cotton
on the needles and hooks

the light stinks today so this is not the true colour
I tried to change it in the editing but it wouldn't have any of it
there is a truer one further down

this one is a little better

this is some silk yarn I found recently
and for some unknown reason I bought three balls of it

it truly is the colour of a daffodil

and the forsythia I brought in the other day
and greeny yellow
and it's so soft

I picked up the hook yesterday and I have half finished what I am making

on the needles
I'm only on row 21

crochet is so much faster
and simpler
and easier
but I still love the look of a knitted thing

so as far as I can tell
all is well in 'puter land
and I do appreciate your suggestions and help
I'm so over the insides of a machine
just show me where to put the gas and turn the key
the bits inbetween
don't interest me

be good!!!


1 comment:

Teresa said...

Hi Marilyn! You're probably the person to clear my mind... do you know what these trees are? http://tarekices.blogspot.com/2011/03/spring-in-full-bloom.html
I am definitely NOT a green thumb and don't understand much at all of gardening or flowers... but I love these!
And I love your cheerfull blog, I always leave it with a smile on my face :)