Wednesday, March 9, 2011

ugly pictures and going to pot


made by voles
take their toll
appearing whole
in the grass
as they pass
and all around

I hope very few of you saw my childish rant yesterday
 I apologise to Tammy who got cut off mid comment
but I thought I would show the evidence
of what is going on outside

(Yes, I have looked up online and elsewhere how to get rid of the little buggers
for years I have tried
for years I have failed
old men who have worked the land told me what to do
suggestions of
chewing gum in the holes
chili pepper
and the most tempting as of today

cats roaming around the garden can help
but mummy's little angel is not an outdoor cat
she was de-clawed and we had to promise
when we adopted her that she would remain inside
and to be truthful
she isn't the outdoorsy type
she freaked out the few times we took her out
and she is much much happier loafing around on her many beds
and eating on demand as opposed to having to hunt for a meal
and anyway dogs run loose and I don't want her chased!!)

and the neighbours cats can't keep up with them and they take too long anyway,
playing and batting them around, for it to make a difference!!!

so back to the little bastards churning up our real estate
sorry but they are
I have no proof of wedded bliss!!!!!
so, I am not going to try to fight them anymore
what they haven't eaten
chewed upon
dug up in passing through
pulled underground
or right out killed
will be left in the ground
and nothing else will be planted

I will put plants in pots
the squirrels allow
by not
unpotting what I pot
and throwing it on the ground

 I will have a potted garden
that will dry up in the heat and look miserable and very weird
as we have almost
3/4 of an acre that should be planted
as it used to be
way back when
bed upon bed of flowers
daffodils, tulips, the first to go, crocus, the few that are left you saw

plants given and shared with and from friends
wild flowers saved from the bull dozers that came to replace the woods with
houses and sterile lawns, now all dried up and going back to nature
roses given for anniversaries
by children
and a mother,

 who used to love to watch me dig and dig
and plant until I couldn't move
bringing in the flowers to put in vases
 or take to a friend's house
who can't grow mold in the fridge!!!

I have come to the realisation that those days are gone
and the fact that all that digging broke my back
and I'm not as supple as I used to be
but we won't go there!!!
my days of digging and weeding and growing are gone
to pot I will go.........

thank you to those of you who saw the post and sent love
I really appreciate it

I'll be back later to show what I will pot first!!
and it's coffee time!!