Sunday, March 20, 2011

not much to say today (huh)!

I made a halfhearted attempt at cleaning up outside this morning
it was too cold so I stopped!!
and anyway I was disturbing the birds eating
and they let me know in no uncertain terms
cheeky buggers

my mojo has stayed with me so I whipped up a new mat
" the block I couldn't stop making"
last year
I used the lovely mustard yellow cotton I found
at the useless craft store

they finally got the new colours in
so I bought a few and now have the need to make more
talk about back to square one!!
but I am using newly learnt stitches!!
Isn't this purple one just gorgeous with the
honeycomb stitch?
LOVE texture!!

I had to cut the hyacinth flowers off the plants
because they got so heavy they kept falling over
so I put them in the pretty jug
on the new mat
in the new lovely colour
on the table

and over the last few days
a certain
has been teasing me with her cooking



in the ancient town of
(that was also hit by a mighty earthquake)

has been showing her delicious cooking
lasagna first, just like my Mama used to make
and then
home made
 with sauce
so I got up and made myself some

gnocchi that is

I had a few for lunch with just butter and cheese
'coz I didn't want have to wait for a sauce to cook
I'll make some later
and I'll get some lasagna noodles
and make some of that
very sooon

so on that delicious note
I bid you
my friends
I see by the clock it is
tea time
so I'm off to have a cup

be cool!!



Anonymous said...

I love gnocchi! I just might make that for tea tomorrow (mainly due to the fact I've just eaten today's tea of pesto pasta)! :)

mary tempesta said...

Hello Marilyn!
Your gnocchi are teasing me now ... I love them with butter and cheese!
Signed: a certain flickr/blogfriend.

eddunsmore said...

Hi Marilyn,
Just love your blog, you always have cute stories and sayings, gorgeous photos. Of course the food has to make me hungry.

Anonymous said...

Mojo's back with a vengeance!!! Very cool! Mia S

NillaK said...

If you didn't have a lot to say, you did have a lot to show! Love both the mat and the cloth to be. Spring colors!

Clara said...

Love the cotton mat!