Monday, March 28, 2011


as you can see I posted photos

now I don't have a nav bar
the thing across the top of the page
 and I can't make comments on any ones blogs

so just know
I came by to see you
and Jingles
isn't it funny how she gets to sit down on the clean chair and not you?

I love that room you chose to sleep in

as I told you on Flickr
I love your new bag
and have five blocks made already

I didn't visit too many others
but I'll get you the next time!!

 and to all of you who visited today
of you and counting
thank you so much for stopping in
sorry it was a bit disheveled but
blogger can do that to a person
and geeks don't help either!!
let's see what
blogger brings us tomorrow
to blur and fuzz things up
hee hee

the geek squad of one
found a new thigamijig on
Explorer 9
(which is what he just loaded on our 'puters)
that stops you from being traced as you travel round cyberspace
and I think that is what took the nav bar down

I don't care who follows me
I go to the same places so often
they'd get bored and drop me like a
hot pot-a-to
unless of course they are interested in knitting and hooking

:) :) :)

see ya


Teresa said...

IE 9 (Internet Explorer 9) probably is in fact the culprit, Marilyn. I've got colleagues complaining at work about some programs that are a bit off their usual looks too and we're pretty sure that's the cause. Blogger is made by Google, it will probably take them a little while to catch up but they will :)
Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it just a great block?!!

FYI I use Mozilla Firefox not Internet Explorer and I'm having no problems at all with blogger :) Perhaps try it, see if you like it (the layout is different to IE but you do get used to it) - if you don't then you can always go back to Internet Explorer.

NillaK said...

I have also had some trouble commenting on some blogs recently. It says something about the page not being allowed to be opened in a frame, or something like that. But I found out that if I click with the right mouse button on "post a comment" and choose to open it in a new tab (?) that it will work. Hope that might help. :)

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

All I can see is pretty flowers. Glad you're up and (almost) running. Dern computers!

Valeria said...

I had some problems to adding pic´s to my blogg this morning ,not sure what the problem was but its fixed i think

:) have a good one Marilyn