Friday, March 18, 2011

flowers for you all

it's been a tough week

so I filled the house with flowers

and they are for everyone
 and anyone
who may need a little
in their life
for whatever reason

thank you all for the kind comments and support and even friendship
I am  really a lucky one to have bumped into all of you
and to those of you who have just joined this little space
it's nice to have you
and I look forward to seeing you often
I hope you all have a lovely weekend
and can enjoy a little something special
take care all


Anonymous said...

Thank you M, they are really lovely. Mia S.

Andi said...

Love to you my dear friend. None more blessed than I, to have met you this year and to be able to call you an extremely dear friend.

NillaK said...

So sweet of you! I certainly need everything that might cheer me up. Lots of things happening now (not good things) that I can do nothing about... But one must keep remembering the good things in life. Like pretty flowers! And I do count you to my friends, another good thing in life!

Teresa said...

Thank you so much, they are beautiful!
You've inspired me, I had to go and get a few hyacynth bulbs (only found white ones :( ) but I'm scared it's a little late for them...
It's ok, I can always come to your blog to get a look at yours :)
Have a wonderful weekend!

Eva said...

Åhh, thank you my friend here, the flowers are lovely :-)))

Tammy said...

Hi Marilyn, wow! Such gorgeous flowers! And the colors of your crocheted rounds are just gorgeous! Glad you got your mojo back. Wishing you a bright and beautiful day. :) Tammy