Thursday, March 10, 2011

indoor plantings

they gather in the trees now
each time I go out the front door
which today will be zero times
as it is raining and will continue to do all day long
flash flood and flood warnings up all over
so it will be another day spent inside

the birds are all so busy these days
it's nest building season around here
and they are busy busy busy

while I was talking on the phone yesterday
I saw, but wasn't able to catch them
two hawks up in a tree across the road
either courting
or feeding a baby
couldn't figure it out
wings spread as they balanced on the limbs
looking almost like high wire walkers

and this "sammy"
he's in big trouble
he had the whole of the new seed I put down to choose from
and he chose to dig in the pots and nearly broke them all
so he's on the no feed list
or maybe I'll give him clean up duty
because the big clean up is due
so hopefully after the rain
I'll do some of that

look at my new little garden
indoor style
until the weather sorts itself out and it can go out
sammy can dig in it and break it
see I plan ahead!!!!

the husband likes little cacti
so we bought some

and I potted them

this one is called
baby toes
and it has a sun roof on top of each
to let the light in
ain't nature wonderful

this one has flowers and made it home without one falling off
so pretty

this is my homegrown one
that I bought last summer and it bloomed a few weeks ago
and as you can see
it still is

this one reminds me of my favourite stitches
knitted or crocheted
and I love the colour

shall I pass the gravy?
I never use this for what it was made for
so in went a
hyacinth bulb
blue and hopefully fragrant

and another in a very old cup someone gave me many years ago
can't imagine using it to actually drink from
I plan on getting some moss from outside to cover the rather ugle soil
it's raining so I'll have to wait
did I mention
it's raining

 the hope of things to come

things aren't the way they should be here on blogger
don't know what happened or what they are doing
but I hope it's fixed soon coz it's annoying the way it is

 see y'all later

.................................................................  >^.-.^< ........................................................


Nilla said...

How good of you to think of Sammy. He will probably love that pot! With little balconies and everything... :) Yes, google will probably call the husband "man", since we use the same word for husband and man! Very observant of you! We have other words for it to, but the most commonly used is "man". Not so with the female, separate words for us.

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

Loved looking through your blog today...squirrels, birds, and baby toes. Such a variety.

Clara said...

I love Sammy no matter what.