Tuesday, March 22, 2011

tuesday recipe

no yummy shortbread today
no luscious needle work
no gorgeous colours

good ol'virginny clay

why there aren't more pottery wheels here I don' know

took up the tools de jour 
(he put the rakes away before I could snap them!!!)
 and out we went
he doing maintenance
and oil changes and yucky stuff like that

and moi
got stuck into the big flower bed

that has no flowers
and may never have again

tons of leaves removed
to a fine mix
almost soil like
underneath the trees cleared
sticks picked up
and it was good!!
why does the wind always shift and blow the leaves back in

)and the grass will grow again and it won't be so brown there on the left
god it looks awful
but this was taken at almost 7 pm so the light is low
well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it(

another example of
I mean Spring
the clematis popped overnight
and now that it's feet can  breathe I hope it grows and covers the trellis
and blooms its little socks off

put a trellis around the Columbine
and gave it a little mulch blanket
rain and storms coming tomorrow apparently
so it will be watered

and after I quit and came inside
when you have to you have to

he continued in the front
making more mulch
with those leaves that never end
look how dry and dusty it is

I'm off to lie down and give my back a rest

hope you had a good day
I did



T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi M, I just saw your chick flick and got a good giggle first thing this morning. So cute! Our internet at home isn't working at the moment and yesterday was a day of chauffering kids around. Yikes! I'm pooped and the house is a mess. I start to feel overwhelmed on days like that. You sure are keeping busy. So many beautiful flowers and lovely crochet pieces ... oops, I mean knitting. Love your header photo! We got a bit of early morning rain today. Who knows how the rest of the day will pan out. Now I must get to work. Toodles for now. :) Tammy

Valeria said...

those are worn out shoes you have there ,but you keep those feet busy i see ,thats what needs to be done when you have a garden ,my garden isnt very nice so not sure that i should do there
take care of the back and enjoy resting
love Valeria

NillaK said...

Yes thank you, I had a good day too! No gardening though, a bit early for that. But I actually emptied two laundry baskets. Without felting anything. So I'm pleased! :)