Wednesday, March 2, 2011

so you wanna take pictures

go outside and sit in the sun
on one of the most beautiful days so far
knit knit knit

while the cat naps and the man does the vacuuming
:) :)

put the needles down
pick up the rake
and make like a gardener

clear the leaves and the sticks
and rake the ground free of all the old seeds

and he will come and sit next to you in the tree and look at you
and chirp
right next to you
in the tree you are standing by
right there
not five feet away

and he'll do everything in his
cute rules book
to make you go inside,
get the camera
put the rake down,
and sit there
to have his picture
right there next to you
no special modes or futsing with the buttons
no lens adjusting
no rapid fire or burst shoot
just a click
bob's your uncle!!!

little bugger!!!


Clara said...


Anonymous said...

So sweet.... as you say, the little things! It's good to have time to see and be part of them. Mia S

Tammy said...

Hey Marilyn, looks like you've been keeping busy with picture taking and knitting of late. I've heard of Tuesday Mornings but never been in one. Sure doesn't make shopping pleasurable or enticing when you walk into a place that's a mess. Oatmeal cookies! Yum! I had a pain in my foot for nearly two months. Keep putting off going to the doctor. It is better now. Then for two days I had a pinched nerve in my neck and shoulder. Ugh! After lots of heat last nite, that's better to. Hope the weather is good for you this Thursday. Have a great day. Best wishes, Tammy

Nilla said...

What a cutie! He reminds me of a little nuthatch, that always stays close when I'm out refilling the bird tables. He sits on a branch just a few feet away, waiting for me to give him something yummie. :D Your honeycomb looks beautiful! Hugs!