Thursday, March 17, 2011

the colours of spring

for me
are beginning to show themselves

the purple-blue of the
as they continue to grow and

and perfume the air

a little moment of
mojo return as I found one of these in a drawer started at some other time
and seven more made to join it
Paton's grace cotton that I like so much
iris colours and hyacinth colours
the sun is moving in the sky and it is now drenching the table with light

shining on the blue and green

and this to show that the boots
are actually two little vases
but when taken up close
look real

the camera can and does lie these days
remember the saying
that a camera doesn't lie
that was before we could manipulate them so much
to show what we want to show
and hide the things we don't want seen
to change the entire feel and look of a single picture
lies seem to be the trend of the day
so many lies
told so often
can become the truth
the cameras aren't the only things able to be manipulated
man is so capable of telling bare faced lies
when that happens
innocents suffer

may those who survive the lies
find truth
a way into the sunshine
where peace and love is found


NillaK said...

Lovely pictures! And your flowers look amazing. Spring is amazing, wouldn't you say?!

allertadele said...

Beautiful, absolutely love the crochet and especially the colours

Allyson said...

Those crochet circles are fantastic! Such beaultiful colours and such a delicate design. What will you do with them?

(and where did you find that motif???!!)

Anonymous said...

Beautifully and poetically put. Mia S

Andi said...

See what happens when you work too much- you miss M's beautiful spring flowers! I am trying to catch up. :)
Your crochet is extremely lovely!!!
Thank you for putting what many of us are feeling in our hearts so beautifully.