Thursday, March 3, 2011

it's brrrrr once again!


no sitting outside in the sun today
there is a very cold wind blowing
from all directions so there is no sheltered place
in which to sit upon the sit upon

no gazing
 into the gazing ball
or watching the sun move through the trees

or finding another sweet little crocus blooming in the light

watching Honker and his pals drifting by,
 shining in the sun

these little shoots will be coooold today

no glancing up at the sky through the branches
covered in buds

the daffs may be sorry they came up so soon

and these lucky folks
have already left the building

hope you stay warm today
I'll be inside, unless the wind dies down
we are supposed to have a very wet few days
so I'm hoping I can go out without having to wrap up



Nilla said...

Oh, your daffodils have come far! I will have to wait even for the rest of my snowdrops... Not much spring here! We still have snow. And if I know March right, there might even be more. But no wind here today, so it's warm inside. You should just stay inside and have some cosy knitting days! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Marion, Beautiful pictures again. Don't the reflections look gorgeous in that shiny orb? You keep yourself warm and have fun indoors if the weather turns worse.

eddunsmore said...

Good afternoon Marilyn,
We have a field accross the road and alot of daffodils are in bloom thought of going over there and picking them. Was cold here this morning but 69 degrees out now. Sunny too!!!

The Garden Bell said...

Wonderful post today. I can't believe how many have blooms coming up already.