Friday, March 25, 2011

final friday of the third month of the new year...

an extra long title
coz I ain't got nothin'
you don't want to hear about the
house work and laundry
I did
or how cold it is
and it's going to get colder
well that's what the guy on the radio keeps saying

so before the snow comes
I thought I would get a snap of what's out there
not much I can tell you but here is the first
with it's beautiful
blue face following the sun across the sky

the only daffodil
to bloom
alone out there
all by itself
and it has mud on its face
to boot

but look how frilly it is
and yellow

and muddy

but still beautiful
even tho'
 it's the only one

this is the humming bird feeder
that's lost the little dohicky where they feed from
so this is just an adornment for now
will have to look see if we can find the dohicky online
and it's clean coz it rained!!!

here is the cloth made with the honeycomb stitch
it's so soft and pliable
love the colour

and this blue one is a new stitch I was trying out
knitted star or somesuch name
and yes it's off the needles
I pulled the wrong one
and unstitched it

it's one of those days I guess

and look at this
while I was surfing I bumped into a whole bunch of those fabulous
Japanese craft books on Amazon
the rings I started making the other day?
they have a book with them in
don't you just LOVE the Japanese craft books
I'd like to have them all
think I'll go back and drool some more
but first the kettle is calling my name
well I think it's the kettle
might be the cat

have a great weekend everyone
I hope we don't get what they keep threatening us with
maybe it can stay in the mountains and let the skiers have one more run
my daffodill won't survive!!!!!



Anonymous said...

Time is flying by - soon be bleedin Christmas again!! I shall cross everything I can possibly cross that you don't get that bed weather that's been promised. Enjoy the weekend!! :)

NillaK said...

I hate it, to pull the wrong needle! How quickly spring is moving over there, I still have nothing but snowdrops. :) Hope your sweet flowers survive any cold that might threaten them. And the honeycombe looks super!

Valeria said...

I think i have cupcakes in my garden :)
nothing much growing in my garden at the moment ,but you sure have many things to take pic´s of ,hope it dint snow
its still kinda cold here but sunny and what more can i ask for at moment