Sunday, September 19, 2010

wierd kind of morning

I have had a very topsy turvy
I found a new hook to crochet/knit with
and it sent me off on a search through sites I've never been to
I was on here early
because I didn't want to watch the news
or the silly morning shows
I am not in a reading mood
so I didn't
Most blogs weren't up yet
so no new posts to read.
No one has visited here
probably 'coz I haven't put any
crochet up all week.
I do know that hooking brings the numbers,
but I don't do crochet
ALL the time!!
I watched the final episode of
Being Human
last night
on the BBC.
I love that show.
I don't know why.
The so called monsters
are so much more human than the humans!!!
I know, that's the point!!!
I dreamt about it.
Like I dreamt about Inspector Lewis and his side kick Hathaway
the other night.
I like Inspector Lewis much more than
Inspector Morse....

it is very, very quiet outside this morning
almost cool
and very, very quiet
No geese yelling at eachother
no squirrels barking alarms
about the cat
The birds are silent too.
I read a post over on
The Chronicles of a Country Girl,
one of my very favourites
and one of the first I ever read,
for the way she writes and the photos she takes
and the fact that she has
her dog
and todays post made me cry!!!
I don't know why!!
It's silly, but it did and I did.
Then I went to one of my newest followers
 A Little Green Valley
and she posted this video
which made me feel
much happier.....
sorry about the
bleeping ad you have to sit through
but do watch it if
you can...
It is in Portugese
and I don't really understand
although with all the reading I have been doing lately
my Portugese is getting a bit better!!!!
One doesn't have to understand to enjoy
 I hope it makes you smile too!!!
Thank you Kate and Merchy
for both
topsy turvy

:} :{  :}


allertadele said...

Some days are just like that, wandering around, nothing much happening, but at least that's not the norm, there is usually quite a bit going on in the world of blog and lots to see and admire and not just crochet! All your photos are lovely.

T's Daily Treasures said...

It's bedtime around here. With back to school for everyone, I'm finding it hard to keep up or finding the time to do all that I want. Yesterday I cleaned and rearranged the living room and a bit of the kids room which meant about 6 hours on my feet. Ouch! I'm feeling it today. Love your little desert scape and Fun Friday photo. What do you mean you don't crochet all the time ????? HA! :) Hope you have a great week. Tammy

Rómulo Vela Cervantes said...

Beautiful music!!! Is Portugese with lyrics translation to spanish. :D

Anonymous said...

I always read your posts and I love your photos. I usually read all my blog posts via Google Reader though so my visits won't always show but I always read - I enjoy what you have to say a lot :)

andi said...

You are love!
Sometimes people are lazy on leaving comments but you have 51 followers and I am sure they read everyday. I know I do. :)
BTW I love Inspector Lewis.