Tuesday, August 31, 2010

the heat returns....

and all eyes are to the East of us as
 barrels past
starts his march up the East Coast in a few hours...
then there is
and another something behind that
Must be summer in the Atlantic!

Hope all the people in their paths stay safe
and it ends up
much ado about nothing....
fingers crossed!!!

with a little TLC
and a whole lot
of sunshine and fresh (?) air
the little roses
have put on quite a show
but it is hot and summery
and they are tiny
so it's OK
to be loud!!!!

I, on the other hand,  am not feeling that terrific these days
I'm border line anemic and I think
I need some iron to chew on!!!
Be back in a while
when I'm not so

going to sit and read and hook and eat spinach like Popeye!!!
If it doesn't get better
I'll get the liver out...



MDScaper said...

Liver, yuck! M, do you like steak and kidney pie? Do you remember how much Dad liked it?

I hope you feel better. xo

Anonymous said...

I'll come armed with Floradix from Switzerland. That'll sort you out, AND it's delicious. Probably too much heat. It's very draining. Today with the humidex, it was 43C in Toronto (118F to you American dinosaurs!) as I pedalled up the hill home. I don't know how I do it at this age...

Svana Valería said...

aww you por thing ,hope you found something to eat if not you can always snack on youre hook lots iron there,lots of hugs from us here in Norway

andi said...

Hi Friend. Sorry you are feeling blah! I too have iron issues and when I feel I need a pump up I down a couple tblsp of an iron tonic found a my local drug store.
I have been thinking of you and Hurricane Earl. I hope it stays far away from you. Stay safe and healthy and check in often. :)

sophie... said...

Hi...I'm your newest follower. I live in Nova Scotia and Earl is heading my way. One good thing about hurricanes, they bring along scads of great weather and perfect beach waves.
I think I'm going to be laughing a lot with you...now get your liver and enjoy the hurricane!

mosteringalisa said...

Hello Marilyn!
I´ve uploaded some pictures of the cushions on my Flickr photostream,this is as close I can get with my camera.I intend to make a pattern and put it on my website as soon time allowes me to.But maybe you can figure it out by looking at the photos (you can always ask me).
The "bumps" are made like this:
Make 5dc in the same chain,pull out hook,insert hook in first and fifth dc,yo,pull through,1ss.

allertadele said...

Hi Marilyn, I do hope you are feeling a bit better now and more your usual self.

Your roses are lovely. Mine are all on their last legs now, oh well Autumn is nearly upon us!

mosteringalisa said...

Hello again!
Sorry,the stitch after the "bump" should be a chain stitch,not a ss.

You begin making the cushion like this:chain 10,join with ss.
chain3, 23dc = 24dc.

(excuse me for my bad english)

Pammy Sue said...

The roses are gorgeous!