Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday flickr foto frivolity.....

Today I would like to present some of the lovely things that have been posted in the
Motifs and Embellishments Group
After futsing around for quite a while
I figured out how to make a little mosiac of just a very few of what has been put in.
I closed my eyes and randomly clicked
not an easy thing to do!!!
and here is what I came up with....

Now that I know how to
expect to see  more

the Group is now 107 strong
with over 400 photos
not bad for just being a month old

So here's to all the hookers
who hook away
at home
post the beauties when they're done
and they won't feel alone
put them in with all the rest
 sit back and admire
then get the hook a'flyin'
and don't stop til you tire!!!!

which by the looks of it is

Have a great weekend all
hope the weather is just as you want it
take care!!!!!


1 comment:

Posy Linda said...

Love the radishes and the bow. Really fun.