Wednesday, August 18, 2010

just because...

While I LOVE BLOGGER blogs
one of the things I wished they allowed us to do
 was to upload more than one photo at a time
for those of you who haven't
seen it
now we can!!!!!!
I loaded these photos all at the same time!!!1

It has been
so very dark all day long
and it's rained since last night
just like late fall
I have been trying to figure something out
and if I do I'll show you tomorrow
I got frustrated with it
so I looked around to see what needed doing
and the kitchen needed dusting!!!
Oh the excitement is overwhelming isn't it!!!!
So I set about the chore
moi being moi
I rearranged the bits and bobs
and took a picture
I got nothin'
This is on top of the micro.
I have a teeny tiny little house with no
storage or cupboards or
architecture whatsoever
so I make do...
it so feels like fall today
I got the colours out

me a little vignette!!!

This is a sweet little tray my sister
gave me that she didn't use anymore
I don't drink tea
but coffee for thee
works too

That plate I found in an old junk shop
years and years and years ago
and still love it
so I stuck that up on the wall
that's it!!!
It's so gloomy I'm making
baked macaroni
and we'll have fruit for pudding as the Brits say!!!
Hope your day was sunny and bright
or cold and damp
which ever you wanted.
Have to go
the cat is yelling


T's Daily Treasures said...

Ha! My aunt also thought you could only load one photo at a time until I showed her you could do 5 at a time and start from the bottom up so that you get them in the right order. ;)

I am gonna have to give your circle of friends a try. thanks for sharing. I'll let you know how it works out.

have a great day! :) Tammy

Marilyn said...

Until yesterday I was unable to load more than one at a time....Blogger notified us only yesterday....there are also "spam" alerts.....don't like Spam....never have, never will!!! or junk mail!!!!!
:) :) :)

Posy Linda said...

I'm glad you uploaded those photos. The tole painting is great.