Saturday, August 7, 2010

the block I can't stop making!!

First......MDScaper................keep going my dear........don't want you to fall asleep at the keyboard!!!! xxx's

The rest of you.....!!!

I have had a couple of requests to share the pattern for the "never ending block".

Truth be told....
I copied it from a book I saw on the "Internets"!!!.
It was sold out and I kept checking on it
and it never came back
so I just stared
at the picture for
and figured it out
and you know the rest.

This IS NOT my design....

I won't show the book or the photo
I'll just tell you what I did.

again with the crochet and patterns!!!
and photos
actually it's so easy
 I don't need to take photos
 just post the block and explain

here it is in cotton
but, as you know, I made it with Lily Cotton too and it came out just fine
so use whatever you want.....
I do!!!

If you know how to make a magic ring ....make it
If you don't
chain 5 and join
16 dc in ring
join into top of first chain
ch 3
and make a dc into the same space

2 dc cluster into next dc and in each dc around
join into top of starting ch.
ch 1 make a sc into same space
ch 3
sc into next cluster
all around until you have 16 ch 3 sp

sl st into ch 3 space and make a corner consisting of
ch 3 3 dc
ch 2
4 dc
sc into next ch 3 space
ch 3
sc into next space ch3 sc into next
make another corner
4 dc
ch 2
4 dc
and repeat the
sc ch 3 sc ch 3 sc

make the next corner.....and continue around

and there you have it

if you want to join them as you go
refer to the tut
I did yesterday

and as always if you have a problem
tell me and we'll figure it out.
show us what you did



Pammy Sue said...

Thanks for sharing this, Marilyn!

MDScaper said...

I paid a it's off to my bicycling again!

Posy Linda said...

Marilyn, I'm going to try this right away. Looks fun!. Thanks for sharing it.

Valerie said...

I have to keep this tute handy, because this is a very nice square ! thank you for sharing Marilyn :) xo

Karin said...

Thanks Marilyn! Great tutorial! said...

Thank you so much for sharing this pattern. It is a very pretty square & seems it might be a quick one ~ can't wait to give this a try !

Valerie said...

Marylin -- it is in one of my japanese books. i have the diagram to share if anybody is interested besides your explanation...

ps : good job !!

marionnock15 said...

Hi Marylin
thanks again you are clever and your patterns where ever you get them from are beautiful and so kind to share them