Thursday, August 12, 2010

here it comes

when the screen does this

and they tell you to do this

and the clouds come down to touch the water

and you can't see out of the windows

and the leaves start to float

and the earth gets wet........

while the weatherman sees this
and keeps us all safe

I watch the fairies dance
in the water!!!!!
(squint your eyes and you'll see them too!!!!)

and while they danced outside

I made these......
little magic acorns

just because!!!!!



allertadele said...

Wow! I cant imagine calmly sitting, making lovely things when thats going on around you. The acorns are great!

T's Daily Treasures said...

Sweet little acorns! Hope the storms have passed. I'm indoors now because of the heat and humidity but enjoying pajama time after our whirlwind trip around the States this summer. Best wishes, Tammy

Posy Linda said...

Weather like that can be a little scary. I do see the fairies though, cute. Maybe those sweet magic acorns can dream up a beautiful day!

Kimbles said...

Oooh I can see the Fairies! they are lovely. I think you are so calm - I think I would be a little frightened with those weather warnings - although there is a little part of me that would like to one day go storm chasing.