Friday, August 6, 2010

how to join as you go!!!!

some crocheters have a hard time figuring out how to do the step of
"join as you go"
which is when you literally join two blocks together as you make each block
I know it makes no sense said like that..
but that's what happens.
So, as I have nothing much to talk about
the photo opportunities  have more or less disappeared
I thought I would show how to do this step.....
if you already know...
thanks for stopping by and see ya next time!!
for those who would like to see how it's done
here we go!!!!

First make a block.....
make a second block and when you get to the last row
or joining row
these are the steps.
make the first half of the corner
make 2ch
put the hook through the corner space of the 1st block
and yo and pull through stitch on hook.
make a ch and finish second half of corner.
do whatever you have to do to get to the next stitch to be joined.
When you get to the space
ch2 and put the hook through the space on the 1st block
yo and pull through
and put the hook into the next stitch
yo pull through and ch2
repeat (in this block there are 2 stitches to be joined)
if you need to

do whatever you have to do to get to the next corner
work first half of corner ch2
 and put the hook through the space on the 1st block
yo pull through make a ch and finish the corner
continue with what you have to do to finish the block and fasten off
you should have two blocks joined together and you can start the third and join and on and on!!!
click on the pictures to make them big!!!

Good Luck and tell me if I've made an error
or you don't understand...
and then show what you did!!!!


(if you have two blocks made can still use them by joining to them with new blocks)


Posy Linda said...

What a happy coincidence!! Pam of Scotty's Place was looking for a how to on joining as you go. Perfect! Have a wonderful weekend...

Pammy Sue said...

Oh wow! Thank you!

Andi said...

You are such a generous soul Marilyn. That is a wonderful tutorial. Those pictures are perfect. Thank you for helping those of us who still struggle with joining! XO

MDScaper said...

Yawn!!! LOL. Sorry I can't get into crocheting!!!

Valerie said...

it looks beautifully joined/assembled ! not my favorite part, i can tell you !!
seems like you used a small crochet size ?