Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Circle of friends how to......

This will be in US terms because I don't know the others....
I used a merino blend and an E hook
use whatever you want....

ch 6
join to form ring

ch4...first tr  (yarn over hook twice )
make 15 tr in ring
(16 sts in total)
join with slip stitch in ch 4 of first stitch
ch 1 and TURN
if you are going to change colours do it now!

sc in same st
tr in same st
then sc tr in each stitch around
(32 stitches)
join in first sc
ch 1 and TURN
(again if you are changing colour do it now and for each row)

sc in same stitch as you joined with
ch 3
skip next tr and sc into next sc
all the way around
(16 ch3 spaces)

slip st into the first ch3 space
ch 3 and make 2dc in same space
make 3dc in each ch3 spaces
ch 1 and TURN
(48 stitches)

you can change colour here if you want.....I didn't

sc into same st as you joined
ch 3 skip the next tr
sc into next sc
all the way around
join into first sc
(24 ch3 spaces)

as before
slip stitch into first ch3 space
ch 3 and make 2 dc into same space
in next ch3 space make 3sc
do this 2 more times
(3 3sc in ch3 spaces)
in next ch3 space
make 3 dc

in next ch3 space make
5 tr (corner)
3sc three times
3sc 3times
all around until you get to the
join in top of beginning ch3
ch1 TURN
(80 stitches)

sc in first tr
tr in next tr
and then sc and tr all the way around
 in the corners
do a
sc tr sc
in the middle tr
join in the first sc
ch 1 TURN

sc in each stitch around
doing 3sc in the middle of the corner tr
join into the first sc.
Fasten off and if you haven't
weave in the ends
I weave as I go
when I cut the yarn!!!!!

that wasn't so hard was it.....
the tr make the cutest little
along the way
and when the light catches them
they shine!!!!
Just like you will when you're done!!!!!
Post them
show us
and we'll
enjoy together!!!

link to original pattern

as usual if I made a mistake or you don't understand something
I'm here!!!!


MDScaper said...

Oh you lost me on this one!!!

Posy Linda said...

Thanks very much for the tutorial. I love the motif. It's beautiful.

Frualbertsson said...

Thank you so very much Marilyn, I have had a thought of doing this, but has hesitated becouse I didn´t understand the pattern.
Now it´s cristal clear :-)

mosteringalisa said...

Thank you for the tutorial,I´ll absolutely try it.

The Garden Bell said...

Even though I just finished my own version of C of F.... I think another will be in order soon. Love this one as it has some texture to it. I will be back that's for sure.

Anita said...

Awww, OMGoodness! Thank you so much! You are so awesome!

Anita <><