Sunday, August 15, 2010


It feels like Fall today
It's raining again
it's dark and very very quiet
I woke up a bit late
and I really would love to just stay in the pj's and watch old movies all day long
I watched one last night
on the Old Movie Channel
Leave her to Heaven
with Gene Tierney
and Cornell Wilde.
She is obsessed with him
and he finds out she is a murdering
I tend to look at the sets and costumes and
sometimes miss the action.
I LOVE movies made in the 30's and 40's.
The overacting!!!!  the music that is sometimes more than what is needed
but great anyway because that is how they made movies then
the primness and properness... the holier than thou characters
who are meant to reflect the
morals of the day
the hilarious kissing scenes
the fact that after knowing each other for five minutes
they are calling each other
darling and baby
and getting married
and the honeymoon is spent in TWIN beds!!!
or he grabs her throws her down
I love it all and the more the better!
It was all suggestion and innuendo
and I sometimes would rather have that than
in your face blood and guts
and other stuff!!!
So, maybe I will just do that....

Yesterday I had a switch of needles
and made a little needle case to take into the living room with me
I dropped a bunch of pins the other day and I don't want the cat walking on them!!!!
I am also obsessed with acorns
I quilled can see them there next to the thread!!!
So now I have a place to stick the pins....and a couple of  needles!!

I don't have to cook dinner tonight
I did that yesterday

spaghetti sauce......
I love doing that.... 1lb of minced meat and you get two meals
hamburgers were on the menu last night
the hubs has them this way
cheese and chips
I don't
I had it with rice and mushrooms and onions
no bun no chips!!!!
I didn't take a picture....don't remember why!!
and I also had this

lovely fresh corn...
before I cooked it
I took it's portrait!!!!!

From the lovely silks

to the little kernels all in a row!!!

when I checked the e-mail this morning
my sister said how nice it would be if I had a veggie garden
I could take pictures of the vegetables....
I didn't know this when I snapped these last night!!!
Here you are sister

have a corny kinda day!!!

(all groan in unison!!!!!!)



Handmade in Gibraltar said...

I'm back from my holidays and have just been looking at your corn pictures. I always marvel at how beautifully made it is, like honeycombs..nature is so clever !
Hope you are well and your garden is recovering
Louise xx

Pammy Sue said...

I just love dark and rainy days! Wish I was there in my jammies to watch movies with you, sleep, and maybe hook a little. (Did that sound weird? Ha-ha.) Where in the U.S. are you?

Yummy-looking food. That corn is making my mouth water.

T's Daily Treasures said...

Our days just contine to be hot and humid. I took Tylenol PM at midnite and wound up sleeping until 10 am, only getting up for a bowl of cereal and then back to bed until .. Yikes, 2:45 pm. Don't know how that happened. But the whole rest of the day, I just feel like I could sleep. And every day, I am staying in pjs. No place I want to go. I ran around the States for 6 weeks so it is time to veg. Speaking of veg-gies :) the corn looks great. If I ate meat, your way sounds delish. My kids would prefer your husband's choice.

what a sweet little turtle in your previous post. He really was tiny.

Hope you are having a super Sunday. Tammy

MDScaper said...

For some reason I got very hungry after reading today's post! :)

Posy Linda said...

Great post Marilyn! Love the embroidery on the needlebook.

Handmade in Gibraltar said...

Just read that the parcel arrived safely. I'm so pleased you like it!It's a useful sized little tray isn't it ?
love Louise x

Valerie said...

seems like you made the most of this dark day ! (we had one, no two the whole weekend was cold & rainy !)

the needlecase is really adorable !
and the corn is yummy ! you make me crave for corn !!!

MiA said...

Hi Marilyn!
Those corn pictures are making me hungry.. still one hour until lunch...