Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Honesty is the best...

(this was written yesterday and finished today...... it's long but I had to write it !!!)

... policy or so they say....
I have not been honest with you
not one bit
and it's no longer necessary
to LIE to you
each and every time I take a photo

I have been hiding a very
messy and tangled secret
Oh yes, I have mentioned it a time or two
given you blurry shots of it
let you imagine
that i was exaggerating a tad
Here is what the back of our house looked like

a tangled
reclaimed by Nature
sort of thing
scary just how fast She took it back
I can tell you!!!!
But in all the tangled mess
overgrown abundance there was kind of
a wild and free feeling
that kept strangers and loose dogs
from wandering in
and having their way back there
The only creature brave enough
was a neighbours cat
who played
I'm a hunter in the Amazon
watch me hunt
but no one else dared to venture in
for fear of getting lost
or at the very least
devoured by the bugs and ickies in there.

this morning Husband donned his long socks
put his shoes on

and with weapons at hand

or rather in pockets
he took a deep breath
and said
I'm going in
and off he went.
Now this is a man who goes prepared
knowing what can happen out there with the wild things.
and after a while
I went out and offered to help
but he said
no this is a job for super he-man
you must use tools to get these giants out
as I pulled two or three
with my bare hands
Look I said
I have super huMAN strength
I will help clear the prairie
along side you husband....

and promptly got distracted
by these

magnolia seeds

copper leaves

wild sunflowers

pretty purple posies...

things that make you sneeezeeee

then the critters starting climbing up my legs
you should get yourself some big baggy pants
he said
and wrap string around the bottoms
and wear socks and shoes
out here in the wilderness

I don't do pants..... big  baggy or otherwise
or socks
I wouldn't have made much of a Pioneer Wife either
I will admit it
openly and freely
I am a

I was sent inside to do what I do best
make coffee and sandwiches
to keep the
resident clearer of the land

then the mail lady came with a box
the gas can was here
so long story short
he filled the mower

with all the things it needed
and there were
to keep it lubricated he said
so it had the strength to get through
the tundra
Zooom it went
chug chug chug
and off we go
and I can't tell you
although it was a couple of hours or a bit more
and it was hard on him
and he had a great fear of being
attacked by all kinds of creatures
out there in the long grass
he did it
we have our garden back
the way it should be
it is not perfect
it is not even pretty

with all the dead and dying "grasses"
but it is cut
and HE did it

and he will do it again
not because I say so
but because he likes things
just so
and when it is
 just so
it will be winter and then spring
and then we will
do it all over ag-in.

Now a little side note....
none of the neighbours have kept their lawns in tip top shape this year either
we have been a very messsy unkempt bunch this year
the baby boomers are rebelling!!!!
Only Mr Persnickety across the road has been neat and tidy
but that is because he has a riding mower and very small children
and a smaller  yard....
so he doesn't count.
and now that ours is done
THEIRS look really bad!!!
Ain't that a HOOT!!!!

Yeah for the man with the rockets in his pockets!!!!!



MDScaper said...

The mower doesn't look as though it has been used all season!

The Garden Bell said...

What a charming post. Love the bug spray in the back pocket... too funny and get catch.

elaine said...

Ah, this post made me smile:) and also made me feel not quite so bad about my garden-turning-to-wilderness out there! It keeps raining so things keep growing and its just so hard to stay on top of it all - a prettyish kind of wilderness is quite acceptable I think, regardless of my more lawnbound, flower free neightbours!