Saturday, August 14, 2010

A little visitor

Husband went out to peruse the tall grasses that surround
the house.
He is itching to start the
"bringing back of sanity"
but he doesn't have all the things he thinks he needs..
don't ask!!!!!
plus there are many steps to take before the
prairie can be penetrated 
the meadow can be mowed
the jungle juiced
 by the blades
and I won't venture into the verdant vegetation
I hate long grass
 I refuse to be covered in fleas and ticks and spiders and ants
and all manner of icks
I'm like that!!
he found this little fellow
strolling on the patio
Tiny little thing he is
as you can see here!!
Lovely colours on his tummy
Don't think he was too happy to be scooped up
to have his picture taken
I think it  might be a snapping turtle
because he doesn't seem to have a "flap" to box himself in
like a box turtle does
We have had snapping turtle mamas crawl all the way
from the lake and deposit eggs
right in front of the house
One year we found one digging a hole near the steps
and the husband
picked her up
and a hefty thing she was
and we walked her back to the lakeside.
this one ....
we took him home!!!!
but the wife was out!!!!!!


(OK.....Lisa from Lil Fish studio, who, in my opinion, is a whiz at wildlife!!!
suggests that the little visitor is a painted turtle.......
so that is what he will be... thank you Lisa!!!!
if I find out different
I'll edit again
don't hold your breath-s  !!!)



Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

Eeee! He's soooo cute! Definitely not a snapper. I think you might have yourself a little painted turtle hatchling there. What a cutie pie!

Heather said...

So cute! We get box turtles in our yard all the time. He's so green, you'll have to let us know if you find out what kind he is. :-)

Posy Linda said...

Sweet little turtle. I'm glad he has a wonderful yard to roam around in.

MDScaper said...

What a cute little thing!

Valerie said...

incroyable !

i've never seen such a tiny cute turtle !!!
i'm sure this guy has found a nice home... oops yard !